Here’s to 50+ more!!!

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! In the past 10 years we have gained new friends, new SIL, new BIL, nephews (lots and lots of nephews), nieces, and pets. We have lost jobs, friends, loved ones, and pets. We have laughed, cried, prayed, played, fought, made up;), and moved a few time. The one thing that has constantly grown and changed over the years besides our waistlines :0 is the LOVE that I have for you  Joel. Thank you for being my amazing godly, sexy, forgiving, strong, forgiving, giving, forgiving, father to our girls, selfless, loving husband. You keep me laughing (mainly at myself) everyday! I can’t imagine how much more our love will grow over the next 50+ years together. Thank you for being my partner in crime and my best friend. I love you more than words can say!


Africa…Yard Sale

Time for a quick update as we prepare for our Mission Trip to Africa in November.

Joel and I are completely blown away at the generosity from our friends and family who have partnered alongside of us! Even though we still have half the funds left to raise, we know that God will continue to provide through His faithful people!
In brainstorming ways to help raise funds we thought….how about a YARD SALE?!
Mark your calender’s for July 11, 2015 from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM we will be having a yard sale!
Location: 4536 Creekwood Circle Kennesaw, GA 30152
If you would like to donate gently used items please let us know (contact info below). All items need to be donated by July 7th. This will give us time to get the items picked up or delivered to our location.
We hope to see you there!!
Thank you advance for your support
Joel and Amanda
Contact info: Amanda 404-219-6431 or joelandamandagriffin@gmail.com

Exciting news!!!


Wow!! It has been a very long time since I have written anything on here…so here it goes!!

Joel and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year! I can’t believe it has been 10 years already (aren’t we still kids). Last year we were talking about how we wanted to celebrate this milestone in marriage we naturally started to think about how we could treat ourselves. As 2014 ended and we knew we only have 6 months until the big anniversary so we started to pray about where we wanted to go and what we could do that would bring us joy.

Then it hit us… Africa! Burkina Faso to be exact!

What better way to celebrate 10 years of marriage than to be the hands and feet of Jesus together in Africa reaching the unreached people group. For 10 days, we will be part of a team from CrossPoint City Church traveling to Burkina Faso, Africa. Our team will take part in various ministry activities both in the capital city of Ouagadougou and in different bush villages.  We will participate in sharing the Gospel, in building a church building, and in ministering to children, all while immersed in the African culture.

It’s crazy to think that in 6 months we will on a plane heading to Africa.

We could use your help…how?  We ask that you will please pray for our team as we prepare for this amazing life changing experience.   Please pray for God’s provisions for this trip to be met financially and spiritually, with God’s help we know these needs will be met.  Lastly please pray for the people of Africa that we will be meeting and working with. Pray that they see God’s light shine through us.

We couldn’t be more excited to see God move in us and our team!

Thank you for your time and Prayers

God Bless,

Joel and Amanda Griffin

*If you feel led to pray for us please let us know. You can email us at joelandamandagriffin@gmail.com or comment your email below we would love to know that you are praying for us and we will keep you updated as well.

*If you feel led to contribute you do so hereYou can choose to create an account or give without an account. Make sure to click “include a message” and put the personal code of the trip attendee (BFNov15- JD06 ). Then follow the steps needed to finish your donation. Or you can mail it to CrossPoint City Church at 245 S. Tennessee St. Cartersville, GA 30120 please put (BFNOV15-JD06) on the memo line of the check. All gifts are tax deductible. We would love to keep you updated as well, so if you could please send us an email we will add you to the list. 



Waste the Money

Everyone knows that the cost of gas is pretty high compared to the cost of it 8 years ago. Well growing up my mom would let us kids pump the gas. Not exactly sure why we loved to pump the gas so much, because I would prefer Joel fill my car up every time rather than having to it. ( gas stinks) On this particular day my youngest brother who was about 9 at the time was fill up my mother HUGE conversion van at one of the busiest gas station in our area. While my mother went inside to pay for the gas my brother finished putting in the $20.00 or so into the van. My mother sitting in the driver seat asked my brother it everything was good to go he said “yes!!” so she cranked up the van and started to drive away. She  heard a huge noise and thought she had hit something looking in the side mirror she saw the gas pump leaning, the hose was coming out of the van, and the gas pump pouring gas all over the parking lot. By the time the attendant turned off the pump almost $200.00 of gas has poured all over the parking lot. Everyone was stuck at the station until the firefighters arrived to clean up the mess. The gas station was closed for the next week and the total cost to the entire accident was about $2000.00. Word of advice ALWAY put the gas nozzle back on the pump.Needless to say there was never dull moment in my childhood.


It has been awhile….

It has been a forever since I have had time to really think of something to write. I started out with funny stories and will still add them as life brings it my way. Here is a little something that happened last night.

Being a stay at home mom means that you are home alone a lot with the kids. I don’t mind being home with them alone I just don’t like being at home all night without Joel home. (it RARELY ever happens) Madalynn is starting to say the cutest things and is growing up way to fast. Last night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and had Hannah Montana turned up on the ipod so the girls would dance and sing in the living room allowing me to quickly finish supper by myself without any little helpers. When Madalynn comes into the kitchen and says “Mommy the man tooted!!” “what man?” I asked her. She look at me and said “the man in the living room!!” Well needless to say my heart stopped because Joel was at work and well the only weapon I had in my had was a pot holder. After I had my heart attack I peaked around the corner where Maddie was now standing and she said “see Mommy he is tooting!” She was now standing in front of the TV where the bass of the song was “tooting”. It is funny how little things kids say that make us scared to death then in seconds we laugh and just give them a big hug and thank God for every second we have with them.


Mmmmm!!!! Is that good?

Joel and I were at Wal-mart in Cartersville standing in the return line. We all know the line for returns is always long. The lady in front of us had a little girl with her. The girl had to be about three years old and was dressed very homely as was the lady with her. The little one was sitting in the buggy’s child seat with a tube of Chapstick in her hand. As we watch her she would stick her finger in the Chapstick tube and scoop out some of the insides then eat it. After the third time of doing it I said to the lady ” excuse me, but she is eating the Chapstick” and with out missing a beat the woman said ” yea!! she likes to eat it so we give it to her as a treat.” I turned, and the lady behind me was looking as confused as I was. I couldn’t believe what I just heard, but at least they must be rich because she is the only person it the world who can poop wax for candles or better yet more Chapstick.


What is taking so long????

Heard this story and thought it was worth sharing…..funny as well…

My aunt went shopping with her three kids one day. Her youngest Peter who is five at the time had to go to the bathroom. Now all the mom’s and dad’s out there know when you are shopping alone with the kids you take them in the bathroom with you. Well Peter asked if he could go into the men’s bathroom alone. My aunt thought about it for a minute and said “ok but I will be standing right here outside the door waiting for you. Don’t talk to strangers and wash your hands.” Peter went in the restroom and she waited with the other children outside the door. Men would go in and come out but still no sign of Peter. She just figured he had to GO GO to the bathroom (you know poop) so she waited a little longer. Just as she started to get worried he came out of the bathroom my aunt said ” Peter what took you so long honey” Peter turned to her and said (now keep in mind this is a five year old boy alone in the men’s room at the mall) ” well I had to find someone to wipe me!!! MOM!!!!” My anut said she couldn’t get the kids out of the mall fast enough.  Now image if you were in the bathroom and some pour kid is in the stall asking everyone in the bathroom “can you wipe me” What would you do? Somewhere out there is a stranger who helped out my cousin by wiping a strange kids butt. Have a good day!!!

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